Cartoon questions may come to mind and some of the answers below may be helpful in deciding what cartoon may be the right one. It was a video chat interview. Know their knowledge level. What three wishes is the Genie not allowed to grant to Aladdin? To prevent users from facing this, Use HTTPS option. C. Cabbage. What masked vigilante did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles occasionally work with? What is the Jonas Brothers’ band name in the movie Camp Rock? Which cartoon series features characters who can influence earth, air, water, and fire through telekinesis? Answers to Questions From Chapter 1 – The, Here Are Top 5 Websites to Answer your Question How to Sell My Car in. No matter if you want to be reminiscent of your childhood or look something interesting for your kids, these trivia cartoons quiz questions and answers can be a great option. 3. … Interview. What is an alternative name for Mickey Mouse? Slide 6: Step Four: Writing the answer In your answer to get the most marks you need to: Say what you think the cartoon is saying (comment) You could use the sentence ‘The message of the cartoon is…’ 2) Use evidence from the cartoon to back this up (content) ‘The cartoon shows…’ 3) Also use your own knowledge to back this up (context) ‘From my own knowledge…’ 4) Finish with your overall summary of what the cartoon is saying (judgement) ‘Overall …) Slide 7: An example answer to the question. Slide 4: The caption says: The Awful Warning France and England together ‘we don’t want to fight, but, by jingo, if you do, we shall probably issue a joint memorandum, suggesting a mild disapproval of you’. What object was named Old Rusty in the show Recess? Thinking about the cartoonist, and his motives. Shapeshifting. What is the name of the clumsy dog, a close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? There's 1 or 2 retakes per question so in case you mess … How to Answer. Answer questions using the STAR method 5. It suggests Britain and France are telling Mussolini off however they are also saying they don’t want to fight. You could educate yourself on science topics when watching Magic School Bus. 2. What chef inspires Remy’s creative genius in Ratatouille? What vegetable type does Popeye utilize as a last-minute source of strength? The message of the source is that Britain and France are weak in dealing with Italy’s invasion of Abyssinia. Mussolini is shown holding papers called the Abyssinia dispute and is wearing his military uniform which shows he is prepared to be aggressive. What was the name of the first film that Disney created? Embed: Which character from Looney Tunes did Senator Beauregard Claghorn inspire? What are they doing? Winnie the Pooh is one of the more iconic cartoons of all time, but what is Winnie the Pooh’s original name? Who is the original antagonist of I.M. Favorite Answer Well, consider what the cartoon represents or is trying to say. Tip 2: In addition to thinking out loud, ask questions of your interviewer to better formulate your response as opposed to panicking or appearing flustered by the question. The 90s were an iconic decade for cartoons. The United Nations. Enter one or more tags separated iPad The Anime is still known as a cartoon. Disney gave birth to some of the most iconic cartoon characters, shows, and movies. You can relive your childhood with our list of cartoon trivia questions. This cartoon opposes the creation of what post-WWI organization? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles provided you the rush of becoming a superhero. Most of the time, cartoons are attached to articles and usually draw upon a point contended by the writer of the article. SURVEY . What are the three fairies’ names in Sleeping Beauty? You might have a question regarding if a certain drawing can be colored or supplied in a certain size. Find out with these fun free cartoon trivia questions and answers! Artist: Fradon, Dana. Put your trivia skills to the test with our exciting categories of classic cartoon trivia, cartoon character trivia, Disney cartoon trivia, and the nostalgic 90s cartoon trivia. Slide 5: The caption says: The Awful Warning France and England together ‘we don’t want to fight, but, by jingo, if you do, we shall probably issue a joint memorandum, suggesting a mild disapproval of you’. Which cartoon duck character made a debut in the 1937 classic “Porky’s Duck Hunt”? To interpret a cartoon, you have to integrate the three skills – using them to inform the others. Both allow for toon/cartoon-animation including character creation/purchase, motion capture/purchase, and even 3D face creation from photo headshots. 201 Best Movie Trivia Questions & Answers, 100 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers, 159 Animal Trivia Questions & Answers [for Kids & Adults], 54 Fun Christmas Movie Trivia Questions & Answers, 68 Fun Art Trivia Questions and Answers (History & Facts), 103 Interesting Space Trivia Questions and Answers, 80 Best Video Game Trivia Questions & Answers, 15 Best Presidential Trivia Questions and Answers (US), 92 Challenging Travel Trivia Questions and Answers. We get you started right with these intriguing lists of classic cartoon trivia questions. Who is the antagonist in the “Lion King”? Cartoons were used to poke fun at particular events or lampoon certain figures at the time… Most Read; Give Answer; What is the difference between Anime and Cartoon? Does it focus on the past, present or future? Recruit a friend to practice answering questions 6. What is the name of Wakko and Dots’ third sibling? It took about a month to hear back from them for the second interview. Who is Belle’s father in the movie Beauty and the Beast? The context of a cartoon is important. Flying. What are the three names of the Powerpuff Girls? Which aspect of the article does it relate to? What type of animal was Rocko in Rocko’s Modern Life? (include metonyms and symbols) c) Language – What effect does the writing have? Mix it up. Cartoon Quiz is a fun game for all ages, simply see how many cartoon characters you can recognize. Does the cartoon support or oppose the article? Which character wears the green dress in Cinderella? Step Four: Writing the answer In your answer to get the most marks you need to: Say what you think the cartoon is saying (comment) You could use the sentence ‘The message of the cartoon is…’ 2) Use evidence from the cartoon to back this up (content) ‘The cartoon shows…’ There are many answers to these questions … I interviewed at Cartoon Network. In Captain Planet, Planeteers each possess a power related to the elements: wind, earth, water, fire, and what. The cartoon shows Britain and France pointing at Mussolini and saying that if Italy attacks then they would give a mild telling off, this could be referring to the league and moral condemnation. Click to see the correct answer. What is the name of Pinocchio’s best cricket friend in the famous cartoon movie? You can certainly test your knowledge with these interesting 90s cartoon trivia questions. Using what you’ve learned, observed, and analyzed from the different elements of the cartoon, challenge yourself to identify the overall message. Practice your answers to common interview questions 3. Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and more on Indeed. Super Strength. View Quizzes; Arts; Animation; Cartoons. Which character’s life quest is to hunt down the Road Runner? We cover some of the most iconic cartoon characters and shows with our intriguing bank of questions. Plan your interview attire the night before 8. Who was Gambit’s romantic interest in X-Men The Animated Series? In Disney’s animated recreation of The Three Musketeers, which three characters are used? Where does Arnold live in the show Hey Arnold? Interview. Which cartoon series showcases a fighter trapped in the future who must conquer a demon to return home? 4. Who is the owner of the air-service business in Tailspin? The show “Angry Beavers” follows the lives of two younger animal brothers called? Also their punishment for Italy was very ineffective as their sanctions did not include war materials and the Suez canal was left open. Inference means reading between the lines To do this remember the following: Comment Content Context Judgement Comment – means you comment on what you think the cartoons message is. When you’re coming up with an answer to this question, go beyond just answering it at face value. Test your knowledge and answer these challenges below. Are you looking for some trivia night inspiration? series and sitcom in terms of episodes and seasons in the United States? © 2014 authorSTREAM. This question can trip candidates up. The awful warning could also Be referring to the Leagues use of moral condemnation, the fact that the sanctions did not include war materials, the Suez canal was left open and Hoare-Laval's plan. Our collection continues to grow. Write your own question! In order to view it, please Imagery – within each part, answer the questions by looking at the details of the cartoon. How well do you know our cartoon characters? a) People – Who are the people in the cartoon? What is the dog’s name in the series “Tom and Jerry”? You do not have the permission to view this presentation. The ability to answer questions is a very important skill to a developing child. Dynamic Which show has characters named Phil, Chuckie, Tommy, and Lil? When deciding on which trivia questions to ask, take into consideration the age ... 2. The League of Nations. You will be able to answer most of these cartoon quiz questions by simply remembering you childhood. OF ! Teri on November 02, 2019: I’ve used several of these over the years but it’s hard to keep up as I am often asked and it gets so draining I just end up going back to fine or on ok or one of those standard conditioned responses. Who were Tommy and Dil’s parents in Rugrats?